Netflix is thinking to bring change to the channel and also working well for growth and improvement. Netflix is trying to bring family-based shows for its subscribers so that it can build strong community around it and bring faith in the audience. On Sunday, the vice president Cindy Holland said that the audience of Netflix is essential audience for the channel. She gave particular importance to the audience because she knows that audience is important. Netflix is trying to expand the targeted audience for the channel and for this purpose it is planning to offer new shows for the audience who had nothing of interest in Netflix.

She said that most of the users of Netflix are from U.S but it is not limited to the U.S. She also said that the audience of the Netflix is in the whole world. Holland further added that growth is highly needed in such traditions and cultures and the channel is striving and making strategies for growth. She basically targeted the family shows for Netflix in the meeting. She said that she is thinking to do some programming for his cousins and the families of those cousins too. She told that she wants to do something really big and she doesn’t want to focus on small things.

She didn’t say much about the audience’s expectations about the giant streaming. When she was asked about that was level of expectations she is expecting from the audience about this streaming, she said nothing and she added that she can just talk about present and that she don’t want to do comment on future expectations.

According to David Wells, the Chief Financial representative Netflix is aiming to have more than 700 TV shows for the portfolio of 2018 and this is all Netflix is doing to capture a great market for Netflix. The main target audience for this portfolio is families. As the market of Netflix is weak for the families and by introducing some Family Shows, Netflix is expected to gain audience’s support and faith in Netflix. The company has selected a growth strategy for it wells also spoke about that. She said that the company is growing and is having a better working. She is also of the view that Netflix is going to have better performance and all this has been done just for gaining people’s satisfaction and higher level of interest and involvement.


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