netflix tests commercial ads

Netflix Is Trying Advertisements and Users Are Going Crazy

Let’s assume it ain’t happening.

The company that relatively without any help acquainted us with gorging video has evidently run quite old-school with the most recent development being tried on its stage. Believe it or not, Netflix is running commercials now.

In reports we noticed that this video giant website Netflix is demonstrating a few subscribers the promotions for other video content between the shows.

We have connected with Netflix trying to decide exactly what number of clients are affected and different insights about this bold attempt to disturb our streaming joy, however got no reaction as of press time. Anyhow, the organization confirmed the news in an announcement gave to reporters.

“We are trying to surface the recommended videos between scenes of the playing videos that enables the subscribers to find stories they will like better,” Netflix officials said.

They added that “It is vital to note that there is a skip option to avoid those ads if the users are not happy or interested in those videos.”

Basically, Netflix is disclosing to all of us to relax. It’s the subscribers who clearly missed the update.

There were many Twitter posts about this issue and people have posted many tweets that they are annoyed with this version of Netflix. They have used words like, “I am pissed off” with this ads version of Netflix. People have started a huge subscription on Netflix due to the ads free version of the videos they can enjoy on Netflix, but now many of them have criticize this attempt of Netflix to start the commercials within the videos they are playing.

Gratefully, this is just a test trial for the research they wanted to conduct to know more about the reaction and interest of the subscribers. They have provided us the option to skip these ads whenever we want. So, guys chill out this is not permanent.

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