New Nipsey Hussle Shooting Surveillance Video Shows


The murder of Nipsy Hussles has been happened in a view that was captured by a surveillance camera and the footage would help the police in leading to the search for the trigger man.

Nipsey Hussle‘s murder happened in view of a nearby surveillance camera — and the footage could give police a lead in their search for the trigger man. The footage actually has been obtained from the business adjacent that is to the marathon clothing store from Nipsey.

On the screen’s left side, there is an area in the red shirt which got entered to the frame from a separate position and quickly has been walking towards the store in front of it.  The shooting in its actual manner is really harder to make it out but a victim could be seen as a collapsed one with the ground and some people would be fleeing for to that area.

This is still unclear regarding whether the gunman is from those people who have been running from that scene captured by the camera. The footage has made this clear that there had been a lot of witnesses who all are the proof of that shooting which had happened.

There is another thing which is notable and that is everybody was fleeing so specifically the red shirt person wasn’t been seen to be running out of the lot.

There is also no apparent idea regarding if the victim who had been seen lying on the ground was actually Nipsey but this could be clearly seen that the victim was wearing the white shirt same like the one which had been photographed before the shooting had been ended.

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