Killer whale mother finally lets dead newborn calf go

A killer whale has stopped carrying her dead newborn calf after at least 17 days, during which she covered 1,000 miles (1,600km), scientists say. (BBC UK)

In what has been an amazing event, a killer whale mother let’s her dead calf go after a minimum of 17 days. She carried her along and, in the given span, it is estimated that she covered a thousand miles.

A school of salmon was chased by this killer whale along with her podmates in the Haro Strait along the Vancouver Island, the Center for Whale Research reports. They said that the grief period is over for her now and she is showing a frisky behavior.

It is believed that killer whales carry dead calves for around a week. This act is seen as a record by the scientists. The whale is known as J35 and she has been center of attention across the globe since a few days now.

Killer whale mother finally lets dead newborn calf go
While Her Journey

CWR’s statement suggests that the whale mother is in good condition and it is verified by the telephoto digital images that were taken from the shore. As for the carcass of the dead calf, it is believed that it has been sunk into the bottom of the island marine which is why it may not be available for any kind of necropsy, which is the animal’s autopsy.

The whale was first seen with her dead calf on 24th July along the Vancouver Island’s shore.

It is stated that the calf died the same day but the reason for death is still uncovered.

According to Canada and US, the Southern Resident killer whale is an endangered species as they are dependent upon chinook salmon. The latter has decreased drastically in past few years.

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