Newcastle Set to Reignite Interest in Summer Target Rodrigues After Torrid Start to Season

Newcastle Set to Reignite Interest in Summer Target Rodrigues after Torrid Start to Season says SI

Garry rodrigues is following the dismal begin to the season and is looking forward to the Newcastle look to set it to rekindle the interests in Galatasary. Over the summer, a 27-year-old boy had been reported to be the target for the northern east side. He saw a bid which had got rejected with the Turkish club and it had been placing a report worth 15 million euro which has been tagged on the Cape Verde International. The Newcastle is still found by the reporters and the people that are to be keen interested and also motivated in the signing for the Rodrigues and this news had been reported by the Turkish-Football. They have also sent scouts too for the monitoring of the players which in their consideration is another bid which occurs when the transfer windows would be opened in coming January.

In this season, although there were hopes and expectations but in the eight Super Lig and the Champions League games, Rodrigue had scored three of the total goals which helped the Galatasaray to top the domestic spot and to be at the third in the Champion league group for the initial stages of this campaign. Meanwhile, Newcastle has also endured an irritating start for the season.

It leaded to the loss of six in the opening eight leagues game which placed them at the number 19 in the league. This is how they were left in the match without even a single win in all the competitions.  While there’d be just a move which will see the swap of Rodrigues for the Champion League football prospect of being a strong relegation struggle. The article somehow claimed that the Turkish club will choose to sell that winger at a correct price. But newscastle still will be meeting the aforesaid being asked fee under the notoriously stringent shift policy of Mike Ashley could be the sticking point to some extent. This is how the things go, sometimes understandable and sometimes beyond the normal senses. The next games, especially the next two games of the News castle, once after there is an international break against the demotion of the opponents Southampton and Brighton. This all links with hopes of the club that anyhow it would finally get itself registered for the first victory of this season.



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