NFL’s anthem crisis had been resolved

An issue was roiled in the league in last season which then faded in the background. Special thanks are for the decision makers that there were no more policy changes to return the anthem question to forefront. Similarly at the same time the players and the owners were working behind the scenes on the concerns of social justice and the disruption barring from the political forces affecting from the outside along with their agendas with the title “protest to progress’ and this really seems to be a big success. Last October, NFL meeting was held which went on a run before 6 in the morning and because the hotel where the meeting was supposed to be held was near to my route so I decided to reach their by jogging and to see that if there is some action being taken yet or not and what I saw was something bigger than little.

Exactly on the north avenue, there was about of trucks with shots beamed up and everyone was at their accurate places for the covering of a day which mainly focused on the players and the owners who were supposed to held a meeting at the leagues park avenue office and there the owners were trying to sort out the management wave of controversy over the players which kept on demonstrating during the national anthem conduction. At that great morning, Bob McNair who is the owner of Texans also made a comment those inmates running the prison.

This was just a few weeks back from the President Donald Trump who called the players to be the son of bitches. The things could have turned into more worst.  Now turning to the next year, I also watched Jerry Jones as the Cowboys owner who just slipped of the backdoor and he also didn’t even speak publically. He did a number of interviews to the last Wednesday but before he could jump back to the car, it parked right where the satellite trucks were there that morning in the year 2017 which is the way head to the airport. But the question here is that whether the NFL has really been much perfect on the anthem conduction. And the answer to this is a clear NO because the anthem was clearly far from the perfection. Nowadays the league is on the two pronged solution which is grounded in the common sense and also very simple and somehow that really worked.

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