Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty may not be ‘perfect’ but is still fun to read

When we talk about the books, everyone has a different taste. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty is a fiction piece and something that may not be perfect but can’t be labelled as bad at the same time. Listed as a B+ by Entertainment Weekly, the book has several things for you to cherish.

The book is focused on a remote health resort where you will find tons of secrets and lies, all together with some social intrigue and suspense much like in the Agatha Christie novels. However, it is a bit more swift when it comes to romance, and with less murder in it. In the book, you will find a disillusioned romance novelist along with an athlete that has retired and is now aging with time. Also, there is a wealthy couple who is fighting consistently for their marriage, going through severe crisis. Moreover, a family can be seen recovering from a recent tragedy and a lawyer who is a bit too good looking among the other notable characters.

The story goes along with beautiful narration and is tuned altogether pretty nicely, like a decent engine. However, the author is unable to take the story to the peak as its was in BLL and The Husband’s Secret. But it does not take out the sting of joy and suspense from her book. We all know that Moriarty has a unique way of building the character and bringing life into it. So, it becomes not only relatable but also joyful and interesting for the readers.

As you move towards the last pages, there will be tons for you to explore. Several things will be revealed as the story comes to the close. Many things, that were built in the narrative of the story by the author, and are left behind in the hearts of reader, making him continue reading the book and adding suspense, are all answered in a satisfactory manner.

Nothing is left untied as the book ends up with giving a person deep reflection into the grief and trauma as well as going through the stages of recovery. And all of it is given to you with multiple angles, so that you can see pictures from various sides and reflect on life. A classic way of storytelling, with emotions and catchy lines are up for you to read.



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