Nissan X Trial Car

Nissan chooses Japan over UK to build new X-Trail car

Nissan recently has confirmed that its new X-trail which was actually planned for the sunderland plant for it is now going to be made in Japan. Brexit had written the letter to its workers in which he had said that this is certainly not one of the helping firms for the plans in future.

In 2016, the same carmaker has said that it would be building a new model in the UK after it is able to get the assurances from government. According to what the unions have described it to be, this completely disappointing and they are now saying that they were seriously concerned for that. According to the statements of the government, it has been concluded that Nissan’s decision was something which caused a blow to the whole sector but there would be no jobs to go as a result.


Nissan had been making the cars in sunderland since 1986 and it has almost 7,000 people employed there.  Nissan had given some of the comments regarding its decision by saying that since the year 2016, the car industry has been facing a changed environment in Europe dramatically which included the change in emissions of the regulations.

In UK, the diesel cars have been failed to meet what the emission standards require from them and now they are facing a levy and there is a number of European countries which included UK too that has announced the bans on the petrol and the diesel vehicles as well for the future.


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