Trumps North Korea bargaining chips

North Korea. 10th. July, 2018: The fact that the U.S. and North Korea are having a summit is undoubtedly a success in itself. The tone of both leaders has progressively changed in the last month, so as to reach a stage in which both leaders consider “dealing” with each other rather than tweeting against each other.

But the question is: what does Mr Trump expect from this summit? Does he just want to normalize the relations between both countries or does he want to go beyond that?

The summit will be held on Sentosa Island, in Singapore. Trump has already reached the Capella Hotel, as the nuclear summit with the North Korean leader is about to start.

The Trump administration suggested that the aim, this time, is to reach a real deal, “unlike those of the past”. Meetings between staffs and representatives have been quick throughout the day, and all went well.

President Trump addressed a tweet to his haters and losers, and said that they were wrongfully blaming him for letting this summit happen. Many aspects of the U.S. – North Korea relations got better recently and the U.S. president seems not to understand how this can be denied by his haters. He concluded, saying: “we will be fine!”.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, said on Monday that the U.S. is ready to make security assurances for North Korea if the denuclearization process goes well. He added that denuclearization is necessary and that any deal other than than will be useless if North Korea does not accept to completely denuclearize. Sanctions from the U.S. may not be lifted if North Korea does not provide proofs of its elimination of all weapons of mass destruction.

But what will Mr Trump offer Mr Kim in exchange?

Normalizing relations seems to be the first thing Mr Trump is ready to offer, by opening a U.S. embassy in Pyongyang. President Trump also seems to be favorable to the idea of establishing American businesses in the countries (such as Mc. Donalds, etc.).

Mr Trump had previously said that he would even consider inviting Mr Kim to the White House if the Summit went well. Mr Trump added that ending the war between the two Koreas was the first priority and perhaps the easiest task. The toughest part may be whatever follows the end of that war.

Mr Kim’s critics have raised doubts about his willingness to get rid of nuclear weapons, as these are precisely what allows him to remain in power and avoid any attack against him.

First, the meeting will only include both leaders and translators. After a while, close aides and advisors will be allowed to participate. The meeting will be followed by a lunch with other officials from the U.S.

Mr Trump believes that it should not take him long to identify his counterpart’s intentions. But whether the summit is successful or not in terms of denuclearization, the good thing is that at least, there will be a dialogue.

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