Jeremy Larkin

Jeremy Larkin has just got the diagnosis of cervical stenosis. This is announced in the university that he will not play again and he is retired. He was a good player, but now due to the diagnosis, he can’t play in the field and is retired. This diagnosis is not reported to be as, and it could be treated, but still, Jeremy Larkin has to be stopped from playing football, so he needed this retirement.

This is a neck injury that is caused by narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck. Larkin had given a statement about his retirement in which he said that he was so passionate about football and that passion was for a lifetime but now he knows the fact that he’ll no longer be on the field. He said that he has been playing football since he was five years of age and now he can’t be on the field anymore.

Larkin said that he is profoundly thankful to Northwestern sports for uncovering his disease and he said that he is grateful for his training staff and his coaches who care about his health. He said that he took admission in the university to show his best on the field and even in the classroom and he is profoundly thankful to his teammates for always being on his side.

jeremy larkin

This season, Larkin has been a part of three games from the Northwestern, and he finished the match with 346 rushing yards and nineteen catches. Last season, he served as the backup running on the field. Jeremy’s coach also stated this retirement, and he said that this injury of Jeremy is heartbreak for everyone who loves him and who knows about his passion for the football. He said that he knows that how passionate Jeremy is for the game and he is sad about this retirement.

Jeremy loves the game and his teammates, and he likes to compete and to win. The coach said that despite knowing his love and passion for the game, still, retirement is the best option for him to take as it is essential for the long-term health and the well being of Jeremy. Jeremy and his family made this decision of retirement after knowing about this injury, and they made this decision to keep Jeremy safe and away from any life taking threat.

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