Number of Car Crashes increased after the legalization of Marijuana

New studies have been conducted which shows that there is the approximate increase of 6 percent of the number of car crashes at the highway in all the 4 states where the use of marijuana has recently been legalized and this news is really shocking.

While this is not confirmed by the news reporters and yet it not proven that this high rate of accidents is because of the legalization of marijuana but caution flags are being raised by the reporters as especially there is no way that could help to test the drivers to make sure that this is the main reason.  Harkey told NBC news that it would certainly be new in the game and we’re noticing the game in completely wrong way. The total numbers of 30 states are there who have legalized the use of marijuana especially for the purpose of medicines and Oklahoma is the most recent state to join this list. The District of Columbia and the nine states more have now legalized the recreational use of Marijuana.

There is a gallup poll created which shows about 64 percent of support by the general public and more states are supposed to follow that which also includes Michigan where the legalization of this recreational use is on the ballot of November. Anyhow this legalization was made to promote safety and the health experts are now trying their best so that they can measure the potential influence of this use of Marijuana over the highway safety but even after the so much struggle results are still inconsistent and in some cases they are even contradictory. But this is now the second year in a row for the IIHS to find this troubling trend and thee is now one year left for the nonprofit group to be looked at the three states including Washington, Oregon and the Colorado.

Nevada is now added in this list this year. According to the statement of Harkey, the IIHS is been looking in the high way car crash data also in the surrounding states of it so that such factors like economy and weather could be controlled. This study also looked in the insurance claims and the police reports which have been made so far after these car crashes have been started and then it found out that the number of car crashes has increased from 5.2 to 6 percent in the states when the use of marijuana has just been legalized as compared to those of the neighbor cities where the use of marijuana for all the purposes is still illegal.


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