NYC Subway Passenger Lets Adorable Little Boy Play On His Phone

In our daily life, we see poachers stealing turtles, dogs being left out by their owners, and people throwing bizarre parties on regular basis, making us all think that the world has gone insane and is nothing but rubbish.

However, something keeps proving us wrong as a decent act keeps surfacing up time after time, making us believe that there is still humanity and hope for all of us.

The event we are talking about here might not be seen as the most generous act but it is certainly something that shows us that humanity still exists among us.

As a kid, going on long journeys without Gameboy and phones to keep up engaged was one of the most boring things for us. The long, several hours, trips were likely to stir us crazy.

In the subway, this kid was unable to keep his eyes off the phone and peeked at the guy’s device who appeared to be unaware of what was happening around him.

But soon, the man noticed that the boy was peeking over his shoulder. Surprisingly, he gave a smile and passed over the phone to young lad so that he can play the game.

Once the boy got smartphone, he was enthralled and the dude sat next to him, taking a look at the boy and how he was doing in the game. Although it appeared to be a little awkward, being a person who is standing next and observing the whole scenario, the act was heartwarming and perhaps the sweetest that you will see today.

This exchange was captured from the camera of a fellow passenger, Kia Tatiyana Davis. There aren’t many instances in your life when you find yourself in the right place and at the right time but for Davis this was one such occasion. She took the shot right at the moment as the pair exchanged the smartphone and the expression of love and sharing was captured.

Davis soon posted the video at her social media account which went viral before she knew it. The video was being seen and shared by people at massive scale and soon it had 700,000 views. This is certainly a stamp on the fact that people who saw the act were moved by this generous expression of sharing and caring.

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