Health matters: Enrollment in Obamacare, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Merck Rotavirus Vaccine

A few matters that ask for your attention in healthcare industry have come up recently. Here is some light on them.

There have been a few studies recently which point out questions to the minimally invasive surgery. The reports suggest that the method, which is getting popular with each passing day primarily for the treatment of cervical cancer, may end up a person with more troubles.

In the study, the MD of Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Pedro Ramirez, stated that the patients who go through the process of this surgery increase the chances of cancer recurrence. It is four time more than the risk which lies to people who go through the open methods.

Apart from that, the reimbursement of remote patient monitoring is also on its way. The monitoring of patients with the help of technology and digital means is a great tool for the healthcare industry. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, has finally introduced the rule to help out home health firms and will reimburse them for patient monitoring services which will begin in 2020 under medicare.

Moreover, there has been a problem with the supply chains of Merck which has hindered the production of a critical rotavirus vaccine. It means that the drug giant will have to cease the exports to West Africa. According to the company, the country-specific requirements and unanticipated manufacturing issue, along with the challenges that they are facing in packaging department, is stressing the potential of productivity.

Also, the Obamacase has opened the enrollments recently. The open enrollment period under Affordable Care Act began this month. The program is pretty popular as about 12 million individuals signed up for it last year even though it was being opposed by Trump administration and they were looking to undermine the health law. However, it only dropped as much as 3% in last year, as compared to previous period. But the thing is that with its fate swinging around and less being spent on it, the question remains that whether the individuals would show same enthusiasm for the enrollment again or will it be other way around.

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