Jimmy Carter 94

She added that Mr. and Mrs. Carter both are really determined to have their influence as long as they could make it as so to making to world a better place to live in especially for the millions of the poorest people of the worth and they are highly thankful and grateful to them. Jimmy carter actually is the first US president who got birth in a hospital. He had marked a new milestone on this Friday by being the oldest former president of the time.  Carter now is of 94 years and 172 days of age and he has broken the past record of the former president George H.W Bush.  According to the spokesperson of carter center’s interview to the reporters, she told them that Mr. and Mrs. Carter use to take walk and it has been the lifetime for them to be following healthy diet plan.

The center gave a statement by saying that everyone at the Carter center for sure have been rooting for Mr. Carter and everyone is thankful to him for the services he has provided lifelong which has benefited million of poorest people in the world. He has also been the winner of the noble peace price and also for the three different Grammys. Mr. Carter now is the oldest former prime minister till now after beating former president Mr. George Bush in this race of age limit being  a Prime Minister.



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