Typhoon Jebi in Japan

Typhoon Jebi Hits Japan 5 September

During the terrible typhoon jebi, Japan has been attacked by giant waves and heavy rainfall. More than 135mph of the winds have attacked Japan till now and the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe has motivated the people so that they can protect themselves and their lives. This also includes the preparations and early evacuations. According to the disaster management agency, the evacuation advisories were allotted 1.19 million people in central and western Japan. The other 16000 people among them were issued with non-mandatory evacuation orders.

This Typhoon Jebi has proven to be so disastrous and terrible for the whole Japan. It has smashed the building and has crashed down the rood of Kyoto Train Station. The winds of the typhoon are so strong and disastrous that they have thrown a tanker of 2,591 tonne into the bridge. Later on, it was come to know that tanker had no one from the crew and it was empty so no one got damaged or injured. The tides are also reported to be the highest in this year. There has been no such disastrous typhoon in Japan since year 1961.

Tides of Typhoon Jebi

These tides are reported to be the highest and covered the runways of International Airport at Osaka. The images and the videos of the terrible scenes have shown that the massive ways have destructed everything. They have cascaded over the sea walls and have upturned the boats and trucks were also flipped over on the sides of the motorways. A news coverage has reported that in the area of Kyoto a torrential rain of 3.9 inches was recorded that has fallen just within an hour. Some areas are still expected to be a prey of the storm as because 20 inches of rainfall is supposed to drench some of the areas further. Travel has also been affected due to these severe circumstances. Till now, more than 700 flights have been cancelled due to tough weather conditions.

Bullet train Hiroshima and Tokyo

The bullet train service is also not working between Hiroshima and Tokyo. Currently there is typhoon season in Japan and the weather is in its extreme conditions.  Still it can’t be predicted surely about the weather conditions in Japan. By the heavy devastating rainfall, a heatwave was followed in the western and central Japan and as a result more than 200 people died there and a lot more were severely affected. There is a hope that the residents of Japan will get the necessary aid and measures so that they could be able to protect themselves from storm.

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