Major shift in smartphone market, OnePlus overtakes Apple to become the top choice for premium users

Apple is taken over by the Oneplus by being the best choice for the premium users. A complete survey was conducted including the six main metro cities of India. This survey was conducted by the CMR mobile industry consumer insight and it provided an amazing profile of the changing preferences of the customers and also about their changing interests regarding their choice of smartphone brands. This survey was conducted including the main cities of India i.e Mumbai, Dehli, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune and it included different society sections which involved the professionals, teens and students. According to the survey, it has been reported that the new customers are now in look for changing their life styles by having premium smartphones brands. They want to make extension in their lifestyles and they want something to make them more powerful.

The important information got from this survey is that it pointed out that the Oneplus has got so much popularity and is now the most selected Smartphone brand in the Indian market and it has left Samsung and Apple’s Iphone far behind. The survey which was conducted recently involved 59 percent of the participants out of the total from the age group of 18-43 of the people who now preferred using OnePlus than Apple’s Iphone. This is why it is now considered to be the brand of choice for the buyers in the market of smartphones. According to the survey, even the people who are above the age group 40 have shown outstanding interest in OnePlus and 15 percent out of them favored OnePlus.

According to the result points, the brand influence of OnePlus is continuously on an increasing which is really a sign of stress for the other premium brands of India. According to the survey, still most of the users stuck to the phenomenon of brand loyalty and a little percentage was on the view of switching the smartphone brands. Apple is the choice of 18 percent Oppo users and of 6 percent OnePlus users.

Features of Iphone

The main key features of Iphone includes, big screen sizes, camera enhancements, long time battery, faster face ID and more colorful screens.

Features of OnePlus

The OnePlus is included in the list of top selling android phones which is basically designed in the competition of the pre-existent cellphones in the market. It excels in quality, price and performance.


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