Opposition increases for Brett Kavanaugh’s supreme court nomination

As per the most recent report from the poll by Wall Street Journal/NBC News, more voters are now opposing the Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination than the number of individuals who are in his support. The opposing index jumped with a 9 points increase in around a month, since he has been accused of committing sexual assault in his high school days.

Although Kavanaugh has denied the allegations, it has led to a turn in the American politics with Senate Judiciary Committee delaying his confirmation vote. Moreover, this may have a huge impact on the coming 2018 midterm elections.

According to the poll, 38% of the individuals stated that they don’t want Kavanaugh serving in the highest court of the nation. Further categorizing in these 38%, 27% of the people stated that they ‘strongly’ oppose the nomination of kavanaugh

However, there are still 34% voters who stand in his support among which 25% are his ‘strong’ supporters. As for the rest of 28 percent, they don’t possess much of the opinion about him or serving the nation’s highest court.

Considering the poll, it first surfaced up in 2005 with the nomination of John Robert’ nomination. He was underwater on the confirmation question. Over the water was Harriet Miers with 27% support and 21% opposition.

Taking a look at the stats, it came up earlier this summer when more voters were in Kavanaugh’s support than the number of individuals against him, with numbers being 32% against 26%. Back in August, the stats showed that 33% people supported him while 29% of them stood against him.

The majority of the opposition to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh came from women that are over 50. It also has a vast majority of individuals from suburban area. Seniors and independents are also not very pleased with him serving in the highest court.

But whatever we say, it is going to come down to the support from party lines. 73% of Republicans are up for his nomination while only 4% go against him. Talking about the comparison to the current Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, the latter had 58% support to 2% oppose in Feb 2017 poll by NBC News and Wall Street Journal.

As for the Democrats, 66% go against Kavanaugh while 8% stand in his support. Thing don’t look pretty with independents either as they oppose him with a number of 37% to 21%.


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