Organic food reduces cancer

Ways to cut cancer risk

Cantaloupe melon was found to be safe from pesticides and more than 60 percent of the sample had no pesticides. This ranked to be 13 on the list. Cauliflower is also free from pesticides and they were found with three separate chemicals and they took the penultimate position in the list. Broccoli is also included in the list of the cleanest products and the seven among the ten samples were regarded as pesticide residue. One in ten samples of Broccoli contained pesticide. Among all the avocados which were taken as a sample, only 1 percent was those which got detected with the pesticides.

There are a lot of reasons for which it is ranked as the number 1 cleanest product in the list. Among all the samples of sweet corn, only 2 percent had pesticides and this is why it is highly suggested by the group that the health focused people must buy only organic corn.  Among all the pineapples which were tested, 90 percent of them were regarded to be safe from any pesticides and just five pesticides were seen among the samples. Due to all these reasons pineapple are at 3rd position in the list.

Among all the samples of cabbage, total 86 percent contained no pesticides and more than 700 samples were tested in which there was no more than one pesticide and it is ranked fourth in the list.Asparagus is a sample which is used for pesticides and in the test more than 9- percent of them were cleaned.

And about three pesticides were then present on that sample of the vegetable. Asparagus is now considered to be eighth in the list of cleanest products. Mango is the ninth in the list and almost all the types of mangoes show no more than two pesticides when they were tested over the three quarters. Eggplant are the worst for contamination and they were found with mainly three types of the pesticides according to the test and best of all almost three of all the four tested eggplant had no pesticide. Thus they are at number 10 in the clean 15 list.

Honeydew Melon was tested negative for the pesticides and it got 11 positions in the complete list. Kiwi are the most pesticide free products when tested and almost sixty five percent from all the samples were regarded as chemical free while only six pesticides were found overall.

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