After being abandoned for four decades, the “American Pickers” found the Aerosmith’s original tour van

About four decades ago, the Aerosmith were working day and night to become a household name. They were selling out stadiums and then travelled to New England for the same purpose of getting famous. The band members used to travel in a funky van. It was basically a 1964 International Harvester Metro van with a cartoon bearded man and “Aerosmith” painted on the door of the van. The old, yet iconic van has been found.

The founders of the van are the hosts of a History Channel’s show named the “ American Pickers” and they know some crazy facts about it too. They found out that the Aerosmith’s van has been dumped in the woods of a small town named Massachusetts since the 1970s. All this information was shared on the show “American Pickers”, which was aired on the 30th July. The hosts named Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, visited the town named Chesterfield which is about 100 miles west from Boston. They went there to investigate about the van.

The abandoned car was found in its poorest form. The tires were flat, the door was missing, and the paint was peeling off. But still, it was a priceless piece of art for the hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they have been in search of valuable pieces of American nostalgia, for example cars and toys. And they paid a huge amount of $25,000 to get it. Mike Wolfe claims that the van is “a piece of American rock and roll history.”

They found the International Harvester Metro near a house. This house was the property of a man named Phil, who claims that the van was already present on the land when he bought it. Wolfe wondered saying, “This guy is deep in the woods, he’s off the grid, and I keep thinking to myself, ‘what the heck would this van be doing here?” No one yet knows why and when the van got abandoned.

The hosts had to verify if the van they found was the original Aerosmith van or not. For this purpose they visited Ray Tabano, who was the founding member of Aerosmith. Finally, Ray Tabano declared it as the original Aerosmith van after he had a look inside the van saying,” Yes this is it, baby”.

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