Imran khan speech after 2018 Elections Pakistan

Pakistan election: Imran Khan leads in Early Counting

Islamabad. 27th. July, 2018: The results received earlier from Pakistan’s election recommend Imran Khan as the future prime minister of Pakistan.

Almost half the votes from the Wednesday’s 26th July election showed that Imran Khan’s party PTI was leading.

With the results so far it is probable that PTI will fall short of gaining the majority votes and shall be able to form a coalition government, the officials from PTI and ECP denies any kind of rigging claim made by the opposition parties of Imran Khan.

The election campaign has faced violence and bloodshed as on the day of voting more than 30 people was killed in a bomb attack.

In 1992 world cup Imran Khan captained the cricket team of Pakistan and was able to bring the world cup home, he carried a playboy image for a long time and recently he was accused of involving military to benefit from the elections in the nuclear-armed republic of Pakistan.

Results from 49% of the polling stations have been gathered and based on those results it can be said that PTI is in lead and has gain 119 seats from 272 of the national assembly constituencies contested, voting election figures reported from the dawn news.

In order to gain majority PTI require winning at least 137 seats. The party has been able to gain 119 seats from 495 of the results and is expected to gain some more to form the government, though with this lead it can be said that Imran Khan will be the official prime minister of Pakistan.

This shall be happening for the second time that the civilian government will hand over the power to another party after serving the full term in Pakistan.

The disgraced party of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has straightaway rejected the results.

The leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and his brother Nawaz Sharif says that the election results are intolerable and the mandate of people has been deliberately insulted. Mr. Imran Khan now styles himself as the anti-poverty and anti-corruption prime minister, struggled for the year since 1996.

Imran Khan the 65-year-old politician has campaigned an anti-corruption message and has promised to take on the deep-rooted political dynasties of Pakistan.

Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf is leading the results with PMLN on the second and PPP the party of Benazir Bhutto the assassinated prime minister of Pakistan on the third.

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