Iconic Image of palestinian protestor

Palestinian Protester images gone viral

There is an image containing a shirtless boy who is shown as a young protestor in Gaza holding the Palestinian Flag in his one hand which is swinging over his head has became so viral that it is now in the comparison of the iconic French Revolution Painting. The image was captured on 22nd October by Mustafa Hassouna who belongs to the Turkey’s Anadolu Agency and in the picture, there is a 20 year old A’ed Abu Amro who is in the rise out of the protest which was made against the Israeli blockade. There were a lot of demonstrators with him but he seemed to be different and in a sharp contrast to them who were there in protective jackets behind him but he wasn’t even wearing a shirt. The image has also got tweeted about more than 5000 times.

Abu Amro lives in a neighbor city to Gaza, in al-Zaytoon and every Friday and Monday he is out on the protest with his friends. When he was asked about that, he told Al Jazeera that he is out for the protest twice on the week and on weekly basis and this picture was really surprising for him because he didn’t even know that there was a photographer near him.

He told that he got the image from his friends which were shared next day after the protest on the social media. He said that he doesn’t really go out and do protests for such pictures but that picture has really encouraged him to continue doing such protests for Gaza. He said that the flag he was carrying in the picture was the same flag which he always used to carry in the other protests which he do weekly and his friends used to make fun of him and they say that it is easier to throw when not holding a flag in the other hand. He said that he is used to of holding that flag in the protests now.

He said that if he dies in the protests, he wants the same flag for his dead body to get wrapped in. He said that they are demanding their right and what they are doing is right for the sake of their dignity and for the dignity of their generation. He said that seven years have been passed till now for the Palestinians who have been fighting for their rights and to get their land and homes back for their families which were expelled from 70 years ago before now.


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