Pastor bitten by snake during sermon

Son of a pastor who was bitten by a snake during a sermon almost suffered a same fate

In an amazing coincidence, the son of a pastor, who died in around 7 minutes after he was bitten by a snake, was bitten by a serpent himself as he was delivering the sermon in the church.

As he was bitten, he asked the followers to take him to the mountaintop where he would be judged by God and the fate will be decided that whether he is to live now or will he suffer the same fate as his father.

However, the follower was quick in reacting and instead of following the words of the pastor he took him to a hospital where doctors stated that he was lucky to have made it this far.

The bite almost damaged his temporal artery and if that would have been the case he wouldn’t have made it.

The father of pastor Cody Coots, Jamie Coots, was also bitten by a snake and died at the age of 42. The event occurred back in 2014 when he was delivering a sermon at a church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, where Cody was preaching now, and the bite of the rattlesnake proved to be deadly for Jamie.

The church is made after taking the inspiration from a Biblical verse where they would talk about individuals picking up serpents and drinking their deadly poison won’t hurt them. Its name is the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name.

Cody is the fourth generation in Coots line who has taken the responsibility of delivering sermon at the snake handling church which are common in Appalachian Mountains area. He was given the position at the age of 23, following the death of his father, and there have been many incidents in such churches where the pastors were bitten by snakes which proved to be fatal.


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