Payless pranks

The fashionistas had been asked about the first impression that Palessi shoes has marked on them. There was a video which was posted on Facebook regarding that company in that one woman gushed that they are sophisticated and elegant.

There was another man who said that the sneakers he had been holding he could tell that those shoes had been made from the perfectly high quality material.

The social media influencers who were involved, they shelled out $400 and $200 and that could even be more as $645 for the shoes which were normally priced between $39.99 and $19.99 at Payless.

The fake store was actually raked in whopping for a total of $3000 before truth had been told to the shoppers. There were really very surprised reactions of the influencers when they had found out their shoes which were actually brought from Payless and they were also caught on camera and that would be used in the series of the commercials which had been obtained from a discount retailer.

One woman had said it with a laugh to shut up everyone and he asked that whether they were serious and if she had paid too much. Another woman who found out asked if she was kidding.

The chief creative officer DCX Growth Accelerator, Doug Cameron had an interview with the news, saying that he really hopes that it will encourage the consumers so that they could look for the past brand names on particular items.


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