Jack Wilshere Return to the England Squad

Manuel Pellegrini, current manager of West Ham United, has indicated that he has establish training plan which will assist Jack Wilshere in getting back to the England squad.

Wilshere has been struck by injuries in his career and he hasn’t worn international jersey since 2016. His last appearance came in June 2016 after which a few injuries and low performance made him struggle to be a part of the national side.

As per the words from The Daily Mail, Pellegrini is taking care of Wilshere as something special and he has established a different training routine and program for him. All the sessions mainly work on long-term fitness for the player which has been a key reason why he failed to make an enormous impact.

The West Ham staff are working closely with the playing, monitoring the fitness and altering the sessions accordingly for him.

According to Pellegrini, Wilshere is only 26 years old and has been pretty unlucky due to injuries. However, he established a decent footprint and made himself different from the lot. The time he spent for Arsenal, he can be spotted as a unique individual. There are not many worries for his fitness because he has played quite a few games for Bournemouth in the last two seasons (where he spent his time on a loan deal). He is a youngster and knows his body pretty well which is why we hope that he will be fit for most of the season. The players are under monitoring with GPS and the meters read their levels regularly. Working with fitness coach and taking sports science into consideration, the work load will be managed and he will certainly do well. The individual possesses a wide range of technical skills and his abilities make a great difference in the game which makes him something special. So, if he carry on with his game on the field and continue playing every weekend, it is certain that he will knocking the doors of Gareth Southgate soon for selection in the England squad.

Jack Wilshere has a decent share of his career ruined due to injuries as he missed a mind blowing 1013 days due to medical issues. He will be hoping that these sessions help him with the long term fitness and he will soon get the chance to perform at the highest level.


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