Pelosi Nielsen clashed for border security

Pelosi, Nielsen clashed during border-security meeting: ‘I reject your facts,’ House speaker said, according to report

This week, there had been a tense confrontation in which the Kirstjen Nielsen being the Homeland Security and Nancy Pelosi being the House Speaker were there and the California Democrat had been found to be interrupting in the presentation of Nielsen on the illegal immigration and the border security where she was being told regarding the rejection of her facts.

Actually a clash was going on there and that was among the key member of the Trump’s cabinet and the House Democrat and that occurred in the meeting in white House on Wednesday which impasse over the shutdown of the government and also for the standing firm of Trump which demanded a sum for the border wall and that was around $5 billion.

During the meeting, according to the reporters, there was a time when Nielsen was interrupted by Pelosi and actually at that time she was stating about the statistics which are particularly made to the border and that including how a lot of criminal and illegal immigrants had been trying to enter the U.S border illegally last year. Pelosi interrupted Nielsen by saying that he didn’t trust her and Nielsen in the reply of her to be called facts said that all that stuff weren’t her fact yet it were the facts of everyone.

After that, Nielsen had taken the support of social media so that it could then criticize Pelosi and all the other democrats who at that time didn’t seem to be interested in hearing for the issue of illegal immigration. She in her post wrote that she was really disappointed because Dems wasn’t in the mood to hear about the humanitarian and the security crisis that the people are being facing staying on the border.

She added that everyone there didn’t hear about the drug smugglers, criminal outsides, abused and smuggled children and all the other violent caravans who at any cost wanted to reach the border wall of U.S.  She continued that the great crisis is now going on at its worst level and it can’t get worse and the reason behind the country getting the least secure is the status quo in authorities for the DHS and the funding. She wrote that this couldn’t be the solution if we kick the can down road and she is now looking forward to get more engagement from the members whoever wants to do so.

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