Pepsi world 7th military

The Brief Immense Popularity Of Pepsi

We all have our favorite sodas that we enjoy whenever we get a chance to; in gatherings, parties, birthdays, and all kinds of occasions. Not only on the events, sodas are enjoyed casually as well. But, the question here arises that is our favorite soda worthy enough to give up a military arsenal that is huge enough to stock the entire state? There was a time in history when this was believed by the Russians. President Dwight Eisenhower wished to bring the American culture in the Soviet Union in the year 1959. He wanted to display the advantages of capitalism. In order to portray their visions and ideologies, the government of America set up the American National Exhibition. It took place in Moscow while the Vice President Richard Nixon was sent to be there at the opening. However, things were going to be changed for the worse.

An argument heated up amid the Soviet leader Khrushchev and Vice President Richard Nixon regarding the subject of communism versus capitalism. Due to this heated conversation, Vice President of Pepsi had to intervene, and he made an offer of his sugary and delicious drink to the Soviet leader which he accepted and drank. After some years, a deal was going to be brought forth by the people of the Soviet Union in order to bring the products of Pepsi permanently into their country. But the problem was about how to pay for the novel drink since their currency wasn’t approved worldwide. Thus, this clever state made its mind to buy Pepsi through the currency that is accepted all over the world called vodka. However, even this agreement of serving Pepsi in their state was about to end since the vodka wasn’t sufficient to cover the price.

Pepsi world 7th military

The solution of this problem that the Russians found was to trade Pepsi in the place of seventeen submarines, a frigate, destroyer, and a cruiser. This step taken was huge enough to state that Russians did what any state would do in the most desperate times. The entire fleet was given up for three billion dollars worth of Pepsi. So this was how much Russia loved their Pepsi. This historical bartering made Pepsi the sixth most powerful military all over the world before the entire fleet was sold to the Swedish company for the purpose of scrap recycling.

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