An "Egg" on Instagram Beats Kylie Jenner’s Record for Most Instagram Likes

Photo of an Egg Beats Kylie Jenner’s Record for Most Instagram Likes

Kylie Jenner has got more instagram followers which is something anyone of us hadn’t ever dreamt about. There is now each post which attracts millions of likes which shots out the holidays in Spain garner that is a mere double digits.  The 21 year of age has made a record of being at the higher number for having likes over a photo which is on the social networking sites and that is now depressing 18 million people overall.

But now she has been knocked off as the winner’s podium with an egg.  Surely this photo is the most mundane of the mundane which is an inanimate object for the record but that isn’t a true mistake or a glitch that could have been made in the Insta-Matrix which was having the sole purpose of the post and of the account.

That picture accompanied it with a caption that they are going to set a world record which would be together and combined and would get what has been liked mostly on the Instagram which has beaten the current world record that has been held by Kylie Jenner and this is something which is truly understandable by every one of us.

Not only that have taken the top situation but it has also the only picture which just didn’t included the human side in the most liked 20 pictures of the Instagram. This isn’t a bad feat just for a simple egg. As this is the time for writing and it had got 19 million of the total likes and they didn’t appear to be slowing down at least so sooner.

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