Pink Moon Coming on Good Friday April 19th 2019

Pink Moon 2019 – here’s when Good Friday’s ‘stunning’ pink moon will be visible in the sky

The famous and the beautiful Pink Moon, like every year is once again all set for its appearance in the morning sky this Friday, which is also the start for the Easter Holiday weekend!

The Pink Moon is actually the full moon that appears every year in April and collides with the flower spring season and more specifically the Pink Spring Flowers such as the Moss Pink, Wild Ground Phlox, marking the beginning of spring season around the globe.  

To most of our disappointments, the Pink Moon does not actually appear to be Pink in color but more of the shades of Orange and slight Red. These are due to the dust particle present in the atmosphere. When photons (packets of light) pass through this such particle, they tend to produce a pink hue. Do the Rich nitrogen and Oxygen of the Earth, the blue wavelengths are filtered when it is closer to the horizon. And due to light refraction phenomena, the red component of the more of the red light falls into our eyes. The actual pink colored moon appears at the time of a blood moon.

Most stargazers will be able to steal a look at the magnificent Pink moon around 8:05 pm BST for one night only, the Friday 19th. Residents of the countries such as North America and those of Europe will be able to experience this beautiful sight. The moon may not appear pink at all times because as it moves upwards, it will slowly turn yellow.

If you think the Pink Moon is confusing, almost the same phenomena also are applied to other moons such as the Egg Moon, Full Sprouting Grass, Growing Moon, and the full fish moon.


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