Villagers brazenly steal turtles for their eggs in Nicaragua

Villagers brazenly steal turtles for their eggs in Nicaragua

Animals are innocent creatures that can not speak up and share their feelings, may be this is a reason why some people think they do not have feelings at all. Animal cruelty is something that has been in the discussions for years now. You might have come across, or even heard of some inhuman act performed towards an animal. Such acts have been condemned for a long while now, but still some people can not control their inhuman nature towards the poor souls. Such an event took place recently when a footage showed some poachers who were carrying turtles on their heads as they carried them out of the sea water.

This incident took place on the La Flor Beach Natural Reserve in San Juan del Sur, which is a town on Nicaragua’s southwest coast. The footage clearly shows the inhuman act and how heartlessly this was done. It isn’t known why these sea turtles were being stolen, some believe they did it just for fun sake.

The olive ridley sea turtles also known as the(Lepidochelys olivacea), are estimated to be 150,000 in number. The olive ridley sea turtles are one of the five species who reach the sea area every year just to nest and spawn. But some people do not want the sea turtles to do that in peace. They want to disturb the nature rather than praising it. People do not realize what they have already done to put so many animals to the extinct species list.


Usually what the poachers like to do is, wait for the sea turtles to lay their eggs and then destroy the nests. But some have just crossed all limits of inhumanity. Poachers are now swimming into the beach to carry out turtles for themselves.

The Director of conservation organisation Paso Pacifico, named Liza Gonzalez, reported that in the past, almost 20 to 40 percent of turtle nests have been destroyed by the people that visit the beach. But this time, it is reported that almost 700 people decided to move into the water body to catch their own turtles. This got six sea turtles killed.

The good news is that the crowd have been informed to disperse from the area by the army personnel as soon as the local authorities were informed of what was happening. Furthermore, four people were arrested for this act and the turtles were released safely back to the wild.

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