Polar Vertix

US shivers in ‘once-in-a-generation’ polar vortex

there are now extreme Arctic blasts which have been caused by the spinning pool of the cold air that is known as the polar vortex and it could bring the temperatures even chill to -53C. the weather officials who are in the state of Iowa had warned the people of the temperature fall and they said that they should avoid taking deep breaths and  minimize talking when they are outside as it could be deadly dangerous.

In several states, at least five people have been died till now and more than 55 million people are now facing this blow-freezing temperature situation.  An emergency situation has been declared in the Midwest states of Michigan, Winconsin, and Illinois as well in the Alabama and Mississippi.

A national weather service meteorologist, John Gagan had said that the intensity of the cold air is once in one generation.  The warning has been issues that even staying for 10 minutes in that situation could be deadly dangerous. For homeless, warming centers have been settled up in the city of Chicago where there are almost 80,000 estimated rough sleepers.  Other than this, police stations also have opened their doors for the rough sleepers. But it has also been reported by the reporters that there are still many homeless people who are out in the streets and they have found a man and had spoken to that man who had been trying to collect the amount of $45 to get a motel room.


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