trump andrew brunson

In the Oval Office, this Saturday President Trump met with Pastor Andrew Brunson and they prayed together. He met him there to thank him for fighting for them the day after he has got released from the house arrest in Turkey. Brunson belongs to North Caroline and he reached the U.S on Saturday morning and in his way he also stopped in Germany on Friday.

In October 2016, due to his alleged ties with an illegal group, Brunson was imprisoned. This illegal group was a part of an onslaught on a botched revolution in Turkey which was held against the government of the President Recep Erdogan. On Friday, after sentencing Brunson from treason charges, a Turkish Judge freed him from the house arrest he had been into two years. In their meeting in the Oval Office, Brunson thanked Trump by saying that he had really fought for them and this is unusual. Not only he thanked Trump, but he also thanked the members of Congress who had worked for his release.

He said that they are thankful to a lot of people in Congress who had fought for them, prayed and stood with them. Brunson also knelt down and prayed with Trump and this was really a dramatic moment. He in the prayers asked God to grant Trump the supernatural wisdom so that he could fulfill all his plans which he had for the country.  In the remarks, Mr. Trump said that he feels to be honored to have the company of Brunson is White House and he also thanked the members of Cabinet and the lawmakers for their help in getting Brunson Released.

He said that if there was any bipartisan effort included, this was it. In the Oval Office, there were a number of senators and the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo and also John Bolton who is the Advisor of National Security. Trump in the answer of this statement said that they don’t now pay ransom in that country. Brunson told Mr. Trump about his plans that he now thinks to spend time with his wife and children and he is now praying to see what God has really planned for him. Trump had also thanked the Turkish President Erdogan for releasing Brunson and he also seemed to be hopeful that this release of Brunson would be a start of good positive relations between both countries.


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