Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan Elections 2018

Imran Khan Confirmed As 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan

Updated 17 August 2018

From cricket to prime minister, Imran Khan gets major votes and confidence to become 22nd prime minister of Pakistan today. He will take oath on Saturday, 18th August 2018. The cricket captain who won the 1992 cricket world cup promises to make the dream of “naya(new) Pakistan” true.

In his speech, he thanked the youth of Pakistan and also ensured the opposition parties to aid them for their reservations on electoral system of Pakistan. Not only this, but he also aim to empower youth and convert Pakistan into big nation.

However, the country is currently in economic crisis and we have to see if Imran Khan can really change Pakistan. “I will bring all the money from corrupt people back in Pakistan” with “strict accountability” for all said Imran Khan.

According to him PTI winning in Pakistan is supported by his 22 years of struggle. He says that unlike other politicians he is not supported by any military leader or establishment.

PTI has won from major Areas.

However, here is the Imran Khan’s Historical Speech in Parliament After Being Elected as Prime Minister – 17th August 2018


Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan Elections 2018

Keep following to learn more about PTI’s Chairman & Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s oath taking Speech after Pakistan Elections 2018

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