Chronic cough treatement with choclate

Professor Says Chocolate Is Better For You than Cough Syrup

There is a new research now for this cold season where you would be using tablets and cough syrups to keep your throat in its normal condition and to keep fighting with your voice and the research is that you now don’t need to bear the unbearable taste of the syrup because there can be some good stuff which can help you in fighting with your cough and having a fine throat. As according to a doctor, eating chocolate could be a better option for your throat than you sip a cough syrup.  Professor Alyn Morice who has been the head of respiratory and cardiovascular studies in the university of Hull and he has also been the founding member in the international society for the cough study, said that having a piece of milk chocolate could be better than you take a cough syrup for cure. He told the reporters that chocolates could be a best way to calm coughs and this could really found to be stupid to some people but as an independent clinician who had spent a lot of years of his life just to search for the mechanism of cough is sure to say that chocolate really heals cough. Recently the professor has also undergone a study that was conducted at the real world level to know the remedy of cough actually been undertaken in Europe suggest that the medicines which contains cocoa tend to heal cough faster and that is actually the part of chocolate.


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