Anonymous mischief put a portrait of Putin in Colorado’s state Capitol where Donald John Trump’s should have been


An unknown person put Vladimir Putin’s portrait in the Colorado’s state Capitol where Trump’s portrait should have been placed. The sole purpose of this act was to have fun and make the viewers laugh. Vladimir Putin’s portrait was placed along with paintings of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The place that was left empty for the current president, Donald John Trump, was occupied by Vladimir Putin who is a Russian statesman and former intelligence officer who the president of Russia since 2012. He held the position from 2000 to 2008 too.

As illustrated by the group that provides the budget for the portraits, the face of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin was placed on the to-be place by an anonymous prankster on Thursday morning. This prank was found out during the tour.

This may not have happened if the state had helped raise the $10,000 required for Donald John Trump’s portrait. It had left an empty place on the third floor in the rotunda (a round building) in Denver.

Colorado Citizens for Culture is the name of an arts support-pleading group that gathers funds for the paintings that are then exhibited, reported that before the Putin prank they had collected exactly $0 for Donal John Trump’s portrait. From the day the news spread like fire, two donors came forward and donated an amount of $45 before half of Saturday had even passed by.

A Democrat named Steve Fenberg who is also the Colorado State Sen, tweeted the portrait with the caption, “As seen in the Colorado State Capitol Hall of Presidential Portraits today…#putinpotus.”

Where did the prank originate from?

The prank was based on the objectionably cozy relationship with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. This became more obvious when they recently met in Helsinki at the time of which it could be seen that Donald John Trump was holding Putin’s back over the US intelligence community about Russia interference, during the 2016 elections taking place. After this incident took place, Donald John Trump accepted his ignorance and said that he had misspoken.

Steve Fenberg stated that he found the Putin’s painting mischief very funny and added that, “It’s a commentary on the political atmosphere we’re living in and I think it probably means something.”

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