R. Kelly Cries In His Recent Interview With Gayle King

In a recent interview with Gayle, R. Kelly stood up and shouted in front of the camera that he’s been fighting for his life. There are series of images to be seen of this incident. Kelly was distressed while talking about the latest accusations against him and wanted everyone to believe that he has done nothing, and that he’s innocent. He shouted, “I’m fighting for my f****** life!”

On Tuesday, Gayle King took Kelly’s interview. It was his first interview after being arrested on ten counts of intensified sexual abuse. He was being pressed on the latest allegations on him, and was   plainly asked if he ever held a lady against her consent. As a reaction, Kelly looked in the eyes of the camera and stressed upon the viewers that it’s all rumors and mere lies.

He talks about the past when he was suspected of committing inappropriate sexual acts as an evidence that he would never do such a thing again, being aware that all eyes were on him. There came a point during the interview when the singer explodes and sobbingly says that he’s fighting for his life.

On 22nd February, Kelly was taken into custody in Chicago where he spent many days in jail prior to his bail of $100,000.

After being released, he hit up a local McDonald’s. He still has to give $200,000 in child support as a punishment. The full interview will be aired on Wednesday morning.

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