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Rami Malek’s Live Aid Performance in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Is Scarily Precise

It has been said lately that Rami Malek has watched the live aid performance of Freddie Mercury that has been done in 1985. He is been seeing that performance for even more than 1500 times on youtube so that he could nail his vision regarding that and he could make himself able to do something even right and it can also be seen when both the performances are put at equal sides.

Each step and every hand gesture that had been made a step forward and even in the pursuance of lips were perfectly been matching with the mercury’s during the half of the shown scenes in the film that has recently been released naming Bohemian Rhapsody and it was the reason why people were completely freaked out on Twitter.

Rami Maleks Live Aid Performance In Bohemian Rhapsody Is Scarily Precise 1

One person also made a comment regarding that which read that those are literally somehow able to create the biggest live show ever in the history that have been performed with that super level of exception and it is something which has made the new generation able so that they could experience as if they are actually present at the spot. His comment read that the scene really gave him the chilling feeling.

Another one tweeted that they had done a completely well job that he even he had got confused about the original and what’s the remake. There was another tweet which read that that is actually a biopic where not a single bit could even supposed to be unreal or functional and it was basically impressive the way they had managed to do that perfectly.

There was another person who pointed out towards the complete details about what has been happened on the sets by saying that they have seen that earlier that day by being so awesome and the first thing which he did after he had watched the film was checking the accuracy of beer and Pepsi over the piano.

An interview was also done at news.co where Malek talked about his live aid performance that he has done so well. He said that he has been watching that video for long over the internet and for him the approximate number of the times he had been watching that video was 1500. He said that he has also been recording it on the set so that he could be able to add perfection into his acts.

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