Recording Trump

Rod J. Rosenstein, deputy attorney general, has suggested that last year he secretly recorded Trump in the White House to show the chaos that was within the administration. Also, he discussed the recruitment of cabinet members to come up with the 25th Amendment which would remove Donald Trump from the Oval office for being a person who is not fit to lead.

The suggestions were made by deputy attorney general back in the spring of 2017 as Trump fired James B. Comey which lead to a huge unrest among officials in the White House. Over the next few days, Trump discussed classified intelligence with Russians in the Oval Office. According to the sources, he even asked Comey to pledge loyalty and end up an investigation into senior aide.

Rosenstein was just a couple of weeks into the job and he was the one who oversaw the Russia investigation. He also wrote a memo about Comey’s handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation and did a few other actions which led to the dismissal. However, according to some, the plan backfired because Trump stated the memo when firing after which Rosenstein told individuals that he feared he had been used.

As for the remarks regarding the recording Trump secretly and invoking 25th Amendment, they were made with other Justice Department individuals and FBI officials. There are a people who state the interviews over the past few and meeting with him as insisting on the anonymity to talk about some internal deliberations.

During the given time, people who went to the interviews and meetings were briefed over the events that happened in last few days along with some memos that were written by FBI officials. These include the writings of Andrew G. McCabe who was acting bureau director at that time. These documented the acts of Rosenstein and the comments that he made.



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