Red Deer

Matt Mask was that guy in the high school with whom no one would dare start a fight with. “I was that kid who beats everyone,” told Matt Mask I an interview. “I didn’t have any idea back then that this would actually become a sport and would be liked by fans around the globe”

Mask lived in Red deer and never in his life he came out of his love of trying is an arm powered strength. Nowadays the six feet and five inches tall, the 245-pound weighing athlete is the best arm wrestler in the world, arm wrestling is the sport that is gaining popularity over time and it is all because of the adaptation of live streaming with technology.

On 9th of August, he will play against the fellow Canadian player Devon Larratt from the Big Island. Larratt is an experienced member of Canadian Special Forces, the 43-year-old Larratt is a world heavyweight champion for continuous four years, for both right as well as the left arm.

Still, Matt is no less than any other champion, though yet he has not been able to secure a world title, the player has won many world arm wrestling league for both left and right arm heavyweight titles for more than a decade and is now introduced as “an explosive” on the league website.

When the people from the league listed me earlier during this week for the forthcoming canuck vs canuck competition, for a moment I thought that it was kind of some joke, says Larratt. Like Mask for all those years I didn’t challenge I took in my school’s lunchroom will bring me here one day, and all thanks to the cartoon character Popeye which was the real thing for the guys growing up, it was nothing less one that comes with thousands of dollars of prize money.

Sylvester stone was the first person who gave us a clue about this game back in 1987 when he first participated in the film Over the top as the truck driving arm wrestler.

The American arm wrestling association is now known as the American arm sports association first came into being in the 1960s and then in 1979. Canada was the first country to come up as the host to the world’s first arm wrestling championship. Now this game has gained much popularity around the globe through live streaming technology.



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