Ways To Reduce Plastics And Other Single-Use Disposables In Your Kitchen

Reduction Of Plastics And Other Disposable Materials

Last week, the beginning of the 40 days of Lent, many Christians all over the world decided to give up on all their unhealthy habits or desires. This might be the time we all focus on giving up, or at least reducing our dependence on the disposable products. Last year, I thought of creating eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen, particularly emphasizing on the reduction of use of disposable materials like aluminum foil, plastic sandwich bags, and paper towels. All this is worth the effort.

In America, about 185 pounds of plastic is being used per person each year and also go through 13 billion pounds of paper towels. The aluminum foil seems like a natural solution to many people, but it actually takes hundreds of years or maybe more to degrade. There are some simple ways to lessen the use of the disposable products in the kitchen.

First step is to invest in alternative storage. It’s a big challenge. Investing in reusable storage bags takes up much of your budget but it’s still a reasonable option compared to buying disposable plastic bags and wrap. You can use Japanese bento box for packing lunches. They are highly affordable. The Japanese bento box are designed with compartments for food which ignores the requirement of disposable wraps.

Second step towards the reduction of the plastics and other disposable products is to recycle. It has been estimated that only 30 percent of the materials are recycled in America. Common recyclable materials are jars, glass bottles, newspapers, and aluminum cans. But, there are cartons, pizza boxes, eggs, milk, and pet food containers that can also be recycled. There are some recycling centers that you need to get in contact with to know what materials they accept so that you can give away all these materials for recycling.

Third way is to keep your kitchen clean and environmentally friendly. Instead of using paper towels for cleaning, old shirts and towels can be made use of. They can be reused again after washing them up.

Last way to keep your kitchen free from disposable products is to think before you buy. There are many materials in the market that are convenient but not eco-friendly. We usually purchase these items but do not think of their sustainability. Go for things that are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Do not opt for things that are convenient but not sustainable.

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