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Republicans are lying to the public about their health care plans

Sarah kliff wrote about the republican’s party scale of their health policy as they are lying about that. Legislative and judicial efforts are being driven by the republican party for the confirm protection of the people from the conditions prevailing regarding the law of the land. Same like this, ads about their commitments for the protection of the people regarding the current scenarios are also being run for the elected officials who could be sued if they negate those protection commitments and regarding all this, president Donald Trump is saying that this is not to be termed as exaggeration and it is also not a spin. It is basically not misleading but a lie and a pure form of downism. He called it to be a flagrant foul against what’s the reality. He said it is completely scandalous and people should now be treating it like it is a scandal. According to the notes stated by Sarah, people say that 14 percent of the voters that take the protection commitment as a priority.

Trump’s stunning hypocrisy on preexisting conditions, Says Sarah Kliff

According to the statement of Sarah, the basic essence of the elections the voters always have the clear idea about the intentions of both the parties involved in the election so they have the right to make the smart choice by their will. The reality on the other side is that Mr. trump is trying to deceive them that this is important. But despite of all this, another question is being raised that why the republicans are now spending too much just to lie about the health care policies they have made and why they just don’t adopt popular protections to fulfil what they have claimed before and how did the republicans manage to get there. There is a theory behind it and for the explanation of the complete theory, it is important to know about the bit of the health care history. The main problem with these claims and actually the health care policy vision is that it is unimportantly unpopular due to which the replacement efforts of Obama care always used to get collapsed. And due to the collapse, republicans are then left with only two main choices that they can formulate the public health care plan and fail in the election or they can continue to lie with the public as they have been before to keep their jobs and roles safe.



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