Lili Reinhart

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart defends costar Shannon Purser from angry Bughead fans

Riverdale has always been a very special fanbase for a lot of those people who love shipping, especially the couples. And when there is someone who tries to create mess with the ship, there are some fans who really get angry. But now there is a thing of main importance which now to be fed in the memory that Riverdale is a tv show which is based on the most liked and loved relationships that are between two main fictional characters and when there is the entry of a third fictional character in the relationship, it still remains fictional. Within the previous week, jughead was told by Ethel that he have has to kiss her to get the scripture for G and G so jughead did what she said and they both had a move on.

Normally there were some bughead shippers who were found not are happy with Ethel and this is somehow logical to some extent. This is illogical as some of the shippers who were unhappy took that thing to social media to get attacked over Shannon Purser who played the role of Ethel. According to the statements and the responses made by the popbuzz, purser has a response to some of her fans on twitter just before those tweets could be deleted. Since then the costar of Purser who played the role of Betty jumped to her share of thoughts regarding the situation stating that Shannon is her friend and it was really embarrassing for him that how those people attacked her personally for something that was not personal and that just only happened at the show which was just written by the writers and nothing happened by her will or consent. He tweeted that fans don’t tweet like this. He seemed to be very disappointed about the comments and the tweets which the people were doing about the thing that has no real existence and that was just the matter of show was written and then executed by the will of the writers and her friend had nothing to do with that matter in real. This seemed to be really offensive for both of them as this might be in someone’s mind that the fans could turn their views so fast just because of a scene that had no value in real and that was just a part of the shoot.


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