Rodrigo Alves

27th. August, 2018: Channel 5 has taken the initiative and removed Rodrigo Alves from the Celebrity Big Brother as the news came from their twitter handle.

There have been four days into the show and around more than a thousand complaints that were made to Ofcom upon the usage of N-word by Alves while he was having a conversation with a fellow housemate.

As per the words from the broadcaster, there was another incident which they referred to as a ‘further incident,’ after which Alves has left the show and he won’t be returning to it. The details of this ‘further incident’ are yet unknown and the broadcaster has not given any word about it.

Rodrigo Alves

The show audience suggested that Alves was better to be removed upon using the offensive racial term and several complaints were made to broadcaster over the issue. However, the producers went on to give Alves a final warning after which the news of his dispatch has come out from their twitter handle.

As stated, Channel 5 has yet to come with detailed explanation because they are still silent about it.

About Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves was born in Brazil and moved to London at the age of 19 years. He calls himself a big TV personality and a showman.

Better known as The Human Ken Doll, Alves is popular among the people due to his cosmetic surgeries. He has had a number of plastic surgeries, 62 as some sources suggest, which comprises of 10 nose jobs along with face and eye lifts. He also has had a jaw reshaping to perfect his appearance.

Alves had his four ribs removed from his body. He stated that it was done to assure that he fits appropriately in his blazers.

As for Channel 5, they are yet to give further words about the Big Brother’s future.

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