Roman Polanski’s J’Accuse

Roman Polanski has caught everyone’s eye with his film in making, J’Accuse. The movie revolves around a French-Jewish soldier who was falsely accused of spying for the Germans, based on the 19th century scandal known as the Dreyfus Affair.

Polanski was accused for raping a 13 year old girl and fled U.S. in 1997 after pleading guilty.

As per the words of Legende Films to Hollywood Reporter, Polanski is planning to start a new project titled J’Accuse and the shooting begins in Paris by the end of this year. Another representative for Polanski, talking to EW, stated that the shoot for a new movie has begun but didn’t provided any further details.

THR states that the film is going to be produced with star role from Jean Dujardin (from The Artist). He will act as a counter-espionage officer and would attempt to wash off the allegations and clear the name of Captain Alfred Dreyfus. Captain is being accused of committing treason and the trials have begun, with all the attention of Parisians who have their hearts and minds sink into the case. The editorial from Emile Zola which was published and from where the name of the film came, drew the attention of public to the case. The task of script writing was handed over to British writer Robert Harris.

Considering the movie and this particular news, many eyebrows are being raised. It is stated that Polanski has been working on this project for several years now. The timing when he is working and the status of director is raising a lot of controversy. He is holding the status of a fugitive and working on this controversial subject would certainly trigger some resentment.

Apart from the above, the director was also involved in the rise of #MeToo movement which gathered a lot of hype last year. He dismissed it by labelling as mass hysteria and complete hypocrisy. He was also a part of Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences from where he was expelled.

Polanski was born in Paris to Polish-Jewish parents. At the age of 4, he moved back to Poland with his family. The territory was invaded by Nazi Germany and USSR in world war II and he spent his next 6 years in attempt to survive the Holocaust on his own. He has been involved in numerous cases throughout his life among which the most notable are sexual abuse case, Vanity Fair Libel case, Matan and Uziel Libel case.


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