Roseanne Blames Racist Tweet on Sleeping pills

“Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with our values and we have decided to cancel her show.” – Says ABC News

US & Canada. 31st. May, 2018: ABC has been very particular about their policies, especially regarding anti-racist policy. The ABC got outraged and registered their resentment against Roseanne Barr when she tweeted a very racist remark.

Roseanne Barr’s tweet referred to former US president Barack Obama aide, Valerie Jarret. Roseanne said referred to Valerie, an African-American, as ape which caused a lot of hate and resentment for her. She tweeted that she belonged to a Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of Apes movie.


This resentment caused such a strong hate that ABC immediately to ban her rating winner show. Although Roseanne apologized for making such a bad statement and defended herself by saying that she was not in the right state of mind due the sedative she had taken at the time she made that tweet.


Roseanne after receiving so much hate from ABC and all Americans made a tweet that said ” I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. I should have known better. Forgive me- my joke was in a bad taste”

Even this apology did not satisfy the Americans as they could not believe that her strong racist tweet cannot be just a ” joke”. She did after receiving a lot of negative views on stating it as a joke, apologized again to Valerie Jarret and all the Americans who git hurt by her remark.

Valerie Jarret was born in Iran. Her parents were African American. She worked actively with Barack Obama as an aide and was a senior advisor especially during the Chicago Policies.

Although, in her other tweet she admitted what she did was “unforgivable” and in no way could be defended. But, after finding out that not only her new sitcom was banned but also her reruns of older shows were also stopped from airing. This upsetting news made Roseanne bit angry while making a statement that other comedians have gone way too far than her but she is getting the worse punishment for it.


An event on racism held at MSNBC town hall, Valerie addressed to this tweet as a “teaching moment”. Although she said she was fine but it was a very harsh statement as well and can hurt a lot of people.

Apart from that, the co-actors and director of the show made tweets and showed their resentment for Roseanne’s racist tweet. Some said it is abhorrent and some feel that this act is of bullying and no one can escape the punishment after bullying.


Roseanne’s show was canceled after it was gaining good ratings. It was definitely going on its peak with the support of Donald Trump, as she played the role of supporter of Trump in it. But her one racist tweet burned down all the success into ashes.

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