Russian Kalashnikov CV-1 Tesla Car

Moscow. 27th. August, 2018: You might have heard about the Kalashnikov as an assault rifle manufacturer. They are known for their rifle AK-47. Recently, they have come up with a prototype vehicle which they believe is capable enough to give a tough time to Elon Musk’s Tesla range in the market.

The retro styled electric car was presented to the audience in an exhibition that was held for Russian defense and civilian products right outside Moscow this Thursday.

The model was powder blue in color and is labelled as the CV-1. The design, as per the statement found on the website of Kalashnikov, comes from the hatchback car that were developed back in 1970s by the Soviets.

Talking to the press, the authorities stated that this car is going to help them stand in the competition with the likes of best global electric car producers such as Tesla.

As far as the speed and distance of this car is concerned, it can travel at the speed of 100 kilometer per hour which it can reach in as much as six seconds. If you charge it completely, in a single go, the car can travel up to 217 miles.

The pricing of this vehicle is yet to be determined and there are not official words from the company about the price range. What we need to see is the performance of this car because many have claimed to come up with good electric car prototypes but anyone is yet to beat the Tesla’s electric car range.

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