Russian members of parliament are going to meet and welcome the U.S. delegation led by Rand Paul in Moscow on August 6, 2018. This news is given in an interview to the reporters by the senior Russian lawmaker Konstantin Kosachov on Thursday, cited by the Russian agencies.

The U.S. Republican senator is going to lead a delegation in Moscow on 6th of August to meet the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. This delegation would be the second meeting of U.S. Republican Congress to the Russian Capital Moscow in several weeks. Previously, in early July a delegation of U.S House members and senators were led by Republican Richard Shelby.

Upon asking about the further comments and agenda of this meeting, Aides did not respond to the request of reporters and had not responded on the questions about any further information of this trip as well as information about other participants of the delegation that is going to meet the Russian members of parliament.

Paul was among the strongest supporters of President Donald Trump even when he was immensely criticized last month; Paul was there to support him. There were some members of the Republican party who were also against Donal Trump, but he was in his support about the meeting of Donald Trump and Russian President Putin for the meddling during the 2016 U.S. elections.

Paul made a public opinion in a column on July 16 that President Donald Trump was right with his decision to the Russian President Putin. He further discussed that he would visit and meet the Russian members of parliament to eliminate the tension and he aims to discuss the common grounds of their leaders.

Paul supported the meeting of Donald Trump with Russian President Putin by saying that it is a good idea to remove the conflicts by discussions and the United States should arrange meetings with Russia to eliminate the conflicts among these countries.

The conflict is about the allegation that Russia helped the U.S. President Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee in the election two years ago. As the United States Agencies has declared that Donald Trump has defeated Hillary Clinton by boosting his chances of success with the help of Russia.

So, Paul has supported the President Donald Trump’s cause, and he said that it is better for both of these countries to have non-interventionist foreign policy matters.


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