Ryan Gosling’s Movie

Besides the hot weather and a World Cup which is famous for breaking the record in the history of the tournament for earning the most goals, summer 2018 has come up with a news that nobody is thinking about right now, and that’s regarding the winter film awards season. Though it’s July, the race which will end in February has now started. It’s declared that the opening of the Venice International Film Festival will be done by First Man. This announcement is being considered as the first of the awards season festivals.

First Man is based on the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the character of Neil Armstrong, the first astronaut to step on the moon in the year 1969, is taken up by the famous Ryan Gosling. Damien Chazelle has directed this film. The same festival was opened in the year 2016 by him with the creation of the movie ‘La La Land,’ also having Ryan Gosling as the main character. Its music picked up the entire host of awards. It was mistakenly declared as the winner.

In the First Man, Claire Foy is playing the role of Janet, wife of Neil Armstrong. She is famous for characterizing young Queen Elizabeth II in the film ‘The Crown.’ Lukas Haas and Corey Stoll are portraying Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin respectively. The people will have to wait for the movie till 12th October. According to what Chazelle told BBC News, he wanted to see how insane, controversial, and radical the entire mission was. He wanted to explore the mentality of that person who took the initial steps on the moon where nobody before him went. His fascination of Neil made him make this film. He wished to feel what must be going on in Neil’s head during that time, and what made him the superhuman.

At Venice, the opening film usually becomes among the most primitive and high-profile bids for the awards season. Many movies which have launched the event in the recent times have also moved to the awards glory like Black Swan and Birdman. Other movies which became the opening films of the festival includes The Ides of March, Gravity, Downsizing, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and the Everest.

The 75th annual festival of Venice starts on August 29th and continues till September 8th. It concurs with two other film festivals, Toronto Film Festival and Telluride Film Festival. These film events are also considered as indicators of the Oscar.

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