Ryan Air

Ryanair once again has claimed for the title of the worst short-haul to be the for the sixth year so consecutive in a row.

There has been a survey conducted for 8000 people from whom their flight experiences have been asked about regarding 1200 different flights and all the data which has been gathered from that survey included the least rating of people for the Dublin based firm especially when that’s about boarding into the flight, the refreshments, cabin environment and the refreshments. The over all score was actually just 40 percent where Ryanair was at the bottom of 19 firms that have been conducting their operations in UK.

After that, when the people who were a part of the survey had been asked that what was the airline which they would select to travel on again and again, more than half of the sample of the survey responded it to be Ryanair.  People also had taken that circumstance to the social media so that they could vent their frustration if they have had any with the particular firm and one person also tweeted regarding this stating like when the customers are in Ryanair, it treats its customers like they are cattle and that is hardly as good as some people could really think of it.

Another person made a tweet that how shocking that actually was that people still like to fly with Ryanair and that he would stick in his limits and won’t ever thought to fly next with this company. Another person posted it to be a no surprise for him. However still there were some of the people who took the scenario to their defense.


The Easyjet being the budget airline is regarded being in a comfortable middle spot that has got total 63 percent of the votes and Aurigny being a Gurnsey based airline has been voted as the best among all and it had scored about 81 percent which is the highest in itself while 80 percent was for Swiss airlines. The survey stated that the passengers are satisfied with boarding, seats and service of Jet2 and a spokesman from Ryanair told the reporters regarding the new research that it didn’t actually accounted for the fare costs mentioning that it is the most important factor which  most of the times the UK customers keep in their minds.

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