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JBS Tolleson Inc. is an Arisona Based meat producer and he is recalling 6,500,966 pounds of non intact various beef based products. This is happening because of an eruption of salmonella. This is actually an announcement was made on Tuesday by the US agriculture’s foods inspection and safety department.

In this announcement, they recalled that those meat products might have some contamination of salmonella. In that announcement, once that issue was highlighted by JBS the common suppliers of grounded beef were found to be as a probable source of the suspected salmonella contamination in the meat. In just a month, between 5th August and 6th September there were total fifty seven cases of this salmonella contamination in meat in 16 states. The food inspection and safety authority was at first informed of this outbreak in September. The investigators reached the source of this outbreak with the help of the shoppers and received they have got from eight patients. Once the salmonella contaminated food has been consumed by the person, it starts putting its effects on the person within 12 to 72 hours of consumption.

The symptoms and effects of salmonella in the body include abdominal cramps, diarrhea and high fever. These conditions last within four to seven days while most of the people get recovered by their own and those who can’t get recover have to hospitalize. Total number of 14 patients has been hospitalized due to this contaminated meat consumption and this ratio has been reported by the US center for disease prevention and control. There are no deaths reported due to this contaminated meat consumption till now. People who have weak immune system, elderly people and babies are the most to suffer with this severe illness.

The contaminated products were packed in between 26th July and 7th September and they were sold nationwide under different brand names including Cedar River Farms, Walmart, Natural Beef, JBS Generic, and Showcase/Walmart. The contaminated products are marked with the establishment number EST. 267 by the USDAs inspection. The main concern of the FSIS is that some of the products out of these contaminated products might now be frozen in the consumer’s freezers. For the consumers who have purchased this product but haven’t consumed it yet, they are urged to not consume it now. these products are not useable and they should  be immediately thrown away or should be returned to the place from where it was purchased.


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