Donkeys that carry them around the Greek island of Santorini forcing locals to use mules because they are sturdier

Santorini is a hilly place where donkeys are being used as a mode of transportation. In summer there is a crowd of tourists and more than 1200 tourists are there in one day. The number of overweight tourists has been increasing so far. There was a time when it had no such crowds but now it is the center of attraction for tourists. The number of donkeys for transport is less as compared to the visitors and the animals which are present get injured badly and then they are not in condition to carry weights. A serious action should be taken in this case.

Donkeys are used as a mode of transportation there because no other way could be used on that island as it is hilly. Animal rights claim that animals should not be forced to carry heavy weights. According to the animal rights, it is illegal to load animals with heavy weights and most of the animals have got wounds and spinal injuries because of this. There should be restriction for weights on animals. The loaded weight should not be more than eight stones but the problem is that how this law will be imposed and how it will be make sure that the law is being complied by.

The right activists are of the view that with increasing obesity, animals are being forced to carry heavy weights. These animals lift that weight for longer period of time and they don’t even take rest and at the end they have wounds and serious injuries. The charities have given a solution to this by saying that more animals could be produced by cross breeding so that those mules could lift those weights as they are taller and bigger and they have great stamina. A spokesperson of Charity also said that the animals should not be forced to carry more weight than 20 percent of their weight. There should be a weight restriction imposed on putting weight on donkeys and it must be not more than 8 stones. Now this island is having a resort to have production of mules as the donkeys are not enough for them.

This law is necessary so that the chances of injury and wounds would be less in animals as compared to before otherwise it may create problematic situations.

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